We are committed to two primary missions at Oliver Life Sciences search - to partner with our clients to identify and attract talent to lead critical functions in life sciences companies and to ensure candidates for leadership roles have meaningful, positive experiences as they go through the search process. 

Our searches are all conducted by senior partners with more than 25 years of search experience. We are a boutique firm with all the resources of corporate firms, global experience, and life sciences expertise.


I am committed and determined. As a competitive debater, I learned early to dig deep and leave no stone unturned. Those skills led me to the most amazing career working in life sciences. The leadership I work with every day change human lives. They will develop new drugs to cure disease, they will edit genes to alleviate defects, design devices to assist our bodies, and develop diagnostics to understand how to improve therapies. My determination is to build relationships in the life sciences community.

I provide executive search and consulting services to companies dedicated to improving the quality of life. We build teams the teams that solve the challenges of cancer, heart disease, global pandemics, undruggable targets, rare diseases, and genetic anomalies. It is my absolute delight to serve the life sciences ecosystem.

When I am not at work I am traveling the world. My parents instilled in me and my sisters a philosophy that was beyond "you can't take it with you" - it is the philosophy of accumulating as many experiences as possible because you can only take those with you.