Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Focus On Diversity

Recently we were watching Gordon Ramsey’s newest reality show. He is going to invest $250k in the chef that wins his cooking competition. The team was 4 people. They chose to cook Thai cuisine. The challenge was to market the dish - from the start to the finished product - via TikTok. Of the four people on the team, one person was Thai. The team did not choose the Thai team member to be in the video. Although the team was successful  Ramsey described it as a missed opportunity, noting it as an example of what not to do . We will partner with you to meet the opportunities that diverse leadership creates.

Companies that are diverse are stronger and more successful than other companies. Individuals at all levels of the organization are more engaged, more creative, and more productive when their leadership is inclusive and equitable. We support organizations that seek diverse leadership teams. We are members of industry affinity groups whose missions are to serve diversity, equity, and inclusion leadership.